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    flashSize Report showing duplicates


      Hi guys,

      I've created a UnDP to gather flash size on some Cisco switches. The UnDP seems to be correctly setup and tested with Rate & GET NEXT among other fetch methods.
      The values returned are correct so now i wish to create a report displaying these values.

      This is what i have conjured thus far

      The issue is that the same node is displayed several times in the report. I've tried to cure this effect but can't get it to work right. If i set the Status to show MAX then i get one value per NodeId but that won't work since a node could have several flash modules. One for the web, one for IOS and so on.

      My question here is how can i create a report that shows the values of each flash module for a single node? Grouping by Node or anything else only makes it worse :|

      I hope you guys can help with this.