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    Legacy hardware customers, avoid 5.3.1 if you can.


      I just wanted to get the word out to the legacy TriGeo users.  There have been some nasty bugs in 5.3 and 5.3.1 that have cause the all installed agents tool profile group to break and also a bug that breaks managing nodes in tool profile groups.  If you have a rule the depends on all installed agent group, it will be broken under 5.3.

      The fix for the all installed tool profile agent group is fixed in 5.3.1, but the tool profile groups bug was introduced in 5.3.1 and won’t be fixed till the next release. 

      I have had to work with support for hours and hours on the phone to troubleshoot the issues and to get the issues manually cleaned up several times since October and I haven’t been able to properly work with and or manage my appliance since.  The only reason that we upgraded to 5.3 was because we moved from an old hardware appliance to the virtual appliance and the hardware appliance had to be at the same release level as the virtual to migrate all the settings over.

      There is no functionality change in 5.3, so hardware appliance customers should be good waiting till 5.4 to avoid the issues.  Virtual appliance customers are probably in the same position that I am in.

      Good luck

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          nicole pauls

          Hey, just wanted to let you know we did receive your feedback and appreciate the comments. We're in the process of making and have already made some changes to our upcoming release process to address some of these concerns. We want to make it clear that we're not abandoning hardware customers, and that their continued support is important.

          There were a handful of issues in 5.3 that caused heartburn on release, that were resolved in 5.3.1. We encourage anyone on 5.3 to go to 5.3.1. I'll put up a Thwack post soon rolling up some LEM updates and changes, and I'll be sure we mention it there.

          The issue you're facing with tool profiles was introduced at some point along the way (and is not unique to 5.3.1, nor is it universal) but is something we're investigating and will be resolved in an upcoming release. If you find yourself in that situation (agents appearing in both "contained" and "not contained" lists in Tool Profiles), support can help clear it up.

          There were functionality changes in 5.3 for all customers, but whether those features were important to you may be another matter We did a significant long-awaited update to agents (codebase and underlying Java Runtime Environment), we added the ability to customize nDepth export formats, support for Kiwi syslog server, a bunch of connector updates, and the extended node functionality (tracking non-agent devices).

          Thanks again for your feedback, and for posting here to Thwack! If anyone else is hesitant about upgrading, feel free to let us know and we'll help guide you through the process.