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    Individual CPU monitoring and possible error with Max CPU calculation?



      I've not seen anyone comment on the (apparently) new inclusion of individual CPU metrics with Orion NPM 10.2. We were ok with seeing it though I'm a little concerned over the potential for performance implications. But really what's more of a concern is that the max CPU at each observation SEEMS like it's coming from the individual CPUs and not the overall CPU. See this attached example.

      The Min/Max Average CPU load should be showing the utilization of the Total but that pink max time appears to be reflecting the 100% that an individual CPU is hitting.

      The data in the database backs this up; individual observations in the CPULoad view used to show the same value for minload, avgload and maxload; they're now different (rollups have always had different values for minload and maxload as they should).

      Is anyone else seeing this? If this is by design, this seems just wrong. Why would I want to see the maximum individual CPU values on the same chart as the overall CPU?