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    Custom poller alerting


      Hi all,

      I have added a new custom poller ( in cisco load balancer. This gives the operational status of all servers in the load balancing pool. For example if there are 4 servers, then it will give 2,2,2,2 ( 2 means inService).

      I want to write an SQL query alert for this, when any of the value is other than 2. I was searching to find the table in which it stores this data. I was not able to find it through DB manager. I can actually run a chart for from the view which gives individual instance value for each server.

      Could anybody help me to create an alert when any of the value is other than 2?

      I will be able to provide more info, if required.

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          I don't see why you would need to get into SQL queries to do this.  I alert on custom pollers without doing so (disclaimer:  I don't know SQL).

          Here's an example...my custom poller for DHCP leases.  Note that where I have "is less than" you could just as easily make it "contains":