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    Netflow collector still discarding received packets?


      I am currently trying to evaluate the NTA plugin but I'm having problems with the collector actually accepting the packets. I'm sending Netflow v9 packets from a Cisco Nexus 7k. When I run Perfmon I can see the SW collector process receiving Netflow V9 packets and V9 data, but NTA is still reporting that no flows are being received. There is an event from yesterday (when I installed the demo) saying that flows were being received from an unmanaged device (with the IP of the VLAN interface where the exports originate from) and that they are being discarded.

      I have addred the IP of the VLAN originating the Netflow traffic as a managed node, but nothing happens. I also have the option for Enable Automatic Addition of Netflow Sources enabled as well as the option for Allow monitoring of flows from unmanaged interfaces.

      What am I missing here? I know the flows work since I have the exact same monitor exporting to a different product that I'm evaluating and it receives and processes the flows without any problems. Flows have been directed to this collector for approx 24 hours now.