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    Monitoring TSM Backups - Partial Data


      We are evaluating Storage Manager 5.1 w/ Backup Profiler and yesterday we added 1 of 4 TSM Servers to see what it would report.

      Server Information: TSM with current Linux.64 Agent installed
      This server backs up approx 200 nodes a night between 16:15 - 4:15

      As soon as we installed the agent and configured the TSM monitoring we started to get some data back for the previous night, but it only reported back on the first 19 backups.

      We left it alone and when I came back in this morning there was no new data. I went into the settings for the backup agent and confirmed the user/pass, etc were correct and saved. Once I did this we got information on the first 10 backups from last night.

      It's like the polling, or collection is filling up/timing out/etc