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    Proper way of forcing an immediate polling of a newly programatically added Node ?


      While testing the SDK CRUD operations, I noticed adding a node without specifying Rediscover, Stat & Polling intervals results in having the node rediscovered every minute, which is not really an option when you're dealing with several thousand nodes...

      Also, when not specifying intervals, the Node is polled at a random time after being added, usually between 30 to 90 seconds...

      Enforcing the intervals to more 'reasonable' values when adding a Node, however, results in the node not being rediscover for the amount of time specified as interval.

      What I'd like to achieve is pretty similar to whats done when using the Network Discovery and specifying a single IP, i.e. add the Node as SNMP objectSubType, just specify the IP, and have the pollers populate the Caption and SNMP-based fileds in the Node table...

      Out of the following flow, it is not clear how to perform 3.:

      1. Add Node programatically, using siws.create(nodeUri), with a Caption value set to empty string, and intervals set to 'normal' values

      2. Add a set of standard SNMP pollers

      3. Force an immediate Polling and Rediscovery, to enforce updation of the Caption field to the discovered SNMP SysName value

      So, the question is:whats the proper way of forcing a Rediscovery immediately after adding a node programmatically ? is there some kind of queue the Node Uri shall be appended/prepended to ? Orion.PollNow ?

      Additionally, is it possible to set the NextRediscovery property when defining the Node PropertyBag (in java) ? I tried as ISO 8061 formatted string, as System.DateTime, no luck...