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    CISCO 6509 Netflow configuration


      I have configured my 6509 switch for netflow to look at the traffic on a gig interface. The configuration is below.

      My question is that although the flow-export version is 9. i cannot select 9 for mls nde sender version. The options are 5 or 7. What is the defference for mls nde sender version for 5 or 7 and will it have a problem with flow-export version 9? I do however monitor traffic but is that the correct traffic due to the versions difference?



      mls flow ip full

      mls nde sender version 5




      ip flow-export source x.x.x.x

      ip flow-export version 9

      ip flow-export destination x.x.x.x 2055

      ip flow-cache timeout active 1

      interface GigabitEthernet7/41

      ip route-cache flow