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    Forwarding Logs


      We have been a reseller of the LEM / TriGeo solution for about 2 years now and have been very pleased with the product and service so far.   Our customers are now asking us for a few new features that I was hoping to get some information on as well as a timeline.

      1.  I understand you are working on ways to forward logs on to other systems.   Do you have any information on how this would work and when this feature would be available?

      2.  I read somewhere, pre the acquisition, that I could add a NIDS upgrade module to the TriGeo solution.    Is this a supported feature of the LEM product and if so, can you forward me some information on what I need to do to implement and support this feature?



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          Hi Scott--

          Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you are a fan!  This "What We're Working On in the Land of Log & Event Manager" post should be helpful to your first bullet.  I'll leave the rest for the PM to elaborate on a little more.


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            nicole pauls

            Hey Scott,

            We do still provide the built-in Snort IDS on our virtual appliance, which you could deploy. You can also deploy an appliance dedicated to that function if you so choose, rather than using the all-in-one functionality of the single LEM appliance.

            What we've found, though, is that the complexities and overhead of deploying IDS on a virtual environment make it so many customers would prefer NOT to use the built-in IDS and rather pursue hardware-based or alternative solutions. Our built-in IDS functionality is also not "bleeding edge" and managed at the same level as a hardware IDS, so depending on the level of your needs, it might not work very well, either.

            Happy to answer further questions.