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    Disk space alerting in APM


      This topic has a lot of action in the forums, and I *think* I have read them all.. however, I am still not convinced what I am trying to do is impossible.  We presently have a "Disk Space % Free" component we created for Win 2003-2008 using WMI and this counter:

      SELECT PercentFreeSpace FROM Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfDisk_LogicalDisk

      ...and this works GREAT if you only have one disk in the system.  If you have multiple disks (esp. in case of a server attached to many LUNs) this counter actually takes the TOTAL disk space and provides the TOTAL disk space free percentage.   In other words, the server in the attached screen shot (below) is considered fine - the counter is "green" and healthy. The reality is that it is not - it has two disks "in the red" and one soon to be. The alternatives I have seen involve creating a separate app / component for each disk in the system, which seems like a lot of extra work and polling.

      APM knows about this condition (as seen below).  Is it not possible to create an alert on this?