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    Scheduled Reporting from a Non-console unit



      I have installed the LEM reporting module on a seperate server without the console(after following the article regarding reports on a unit without the console being installed) and this is connecting too and reporting against the database with no issues.

      However I have followed the instructions regarding setting up best practice reports and Task Schedule's but the reports are either no running or the export if failing.

      I have also set an individual report task and the same issue occurs.

      The Task schedule log shows that the task has started run and completed with no errors but no report exports do not exist in the configured directory.

      I also set a rule to send an email when a  report has completed and this has also not triggered.

      Am I missing a crutial relationship between the reports module and console?

      Many Thanks

      Mark Van-Kerro

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          Hi, Mark.

          Would you please check a few things for me and let me know what you find?

          1. Double-check the ExportDest value in each of the INI files in C:\Program Files\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\SchedINI. This value should match your desired export destination, and the user you assign in Task Scheduler to export the reports should have write access to this folder.
          2. Do an nDepth search in your LEM Console for the time period during which you expected these reports to run. Based on our recommended schedule, a time frame of 1am to 4am should be more than sufficient. You can filter your search by the following alert-field/value combination: InternalInfo.EventInfo = *SWLEM Reports*. This should indicate whether your reports started and/or completed during that time frame.

          If #1 is set up correctly and you don't see the expected alerts in #2, let me know.