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    Monitoring hardware components of a HP Proliant Server with Linux OS


      Hello everybody,

      Thank you for this wonderful forum first, which is very helpful!!

      I have one question regarding the Linux platforms which is as below:

      - How to monitor HDD hardware status, CPU hardware status, RAM Slots hw status, PSU & FAN hw status etc on a HP Proliant Linux OS Server ?

      In fact I want to learn the overall monitoring process of these specific hardware elements like HDD, CPU, RAM, PSU & FAN using Solarwinds NPM regardless of the hardware and OS platform, or it's not possible because it's specific for specific platforms and devices ?

      I know that I have to use MIBs (OIDs) but how I can add them to these servers ? Is it necessary to install any other component like agents ??

      - Also, could you please give any suggestion when the hardware of the linux server is Dell ?

      - Also, when the OS is Windows and the HW is HP Proliant, is it necessary to install HP Management Agents ?