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    calendar alert options


      the current calendar option for alerts is only a weekly calendar which is no good for our weekend oncall rotation.  how has anyone tackled this kind of issue before?

      basically each weekend a different email address needs to be used and it constantly varies each weekend also.  ie. the email for weekend 2 in january is not the same email in weekend 2 in february, etc.

      other than switching to another software does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this?

      is there an api call or url i can use to set the email address for an alert each time without going into the software.  then i could at least set some batch process on a timer to handle this programmically whenever i want to change the email in the alert as needed.

      otherwise i have to go into the alert each friday and manually change the email address for that weekend which is a PITA.  having a general email address for alert is not an option in this case at this time.

      would love to do something like this guy but he can't even get it going in Orion nevermind ipmonitor....

      Outlook calendar publishing to WebDAV