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    Monitor availability flapping?



      We have IPMonitor checking a pretty large number of servers, most of them VMs, and recently we have started getting a bunch of alerts like this:

      HSAPP140 (D$)
      status: The network path was not found; oserror: 0x35
      alert: 1 from a maximum of 2
      critical failures: 3

      The availability reports on monitors that are generating alerts like this do show flapping.  This lasts for about 10mins, and then we get an all clear message.

      I know this is not a lot of information, but was wondering if someone could at least make some suggestions on what kind of things would cause the behavior and how we can troubleshoot this?


      - Max, eSOZO LLC

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          been having the same issue for years with no resolution.  just FYI.

          i have found that if you mix up the connection types it helps.  i find the majority of these errors are when using RPC method.  try switching to WMI and SNMP when possible also to help alleviate it.