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    NPM Status polling and availability reporting




      I have been reading through the posts on status polling and how NPM handles device failure. I have put a small diagram together from the info, I would appreciate  it if you could review it for accuracy.






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          Andy McBride

          Yes, and no (don't ya hate answers like that)  - except that the device would actually only go into warning state for 2 minutes of fast pings before being marked as down.

          From the AG

          A device may drop packets or fail to respond to a poll for many reasons. Should the device fail to respond, the device status is changed from Up to Warning. On the Orion Polling Settings view, you can specify the Node Warning Level, which is the length of time a device is allowed to remain in the Warning status before it is marked as Down. During the interval specified, the service performs "fast polling" (ICMP) to continually check the node status.

          Note: You may see events or receive alerts for down nodes that are not actually down. This can be caused by intermittent packet loss on the network. Set the Node Warning Interval to a higher value to avoid these false notifications. For more information about packet loss reporting, see ―Managing Packet Loss Reporting‖ on page 232.

          To set the Node Warning Level:
          1. Log in to the Orion Web Console using an account with administrative rights.
          2. Click Settings in the upper right of the web console, and then click Polling Settings in the Settings group of the Orion Website Administration view.
          3. In the Calculations and Thresholds group, set the Node Warning Level to an appropriate interval, in seconds.
          Note: The default Node Warning Level interval is 120 seconds.
          4. Click Submit.

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              [View:/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Components.UserFiles/]Thanks Andy,


              Perhaps I should take a step back and explain what I am trying to acheive first :)

              I would like to create a document explianing how Solarwinds calculates/generates availability reports. There are so many vairables in  the calculation for example  how the data is polled, sumarized and also the reporting periord for starters... I am thinking that it s going to best to start off with the default settings for examples.

              So far I have broken the steps to the availaility as follows.

              A) Device Avialability


              1. Polling,  Obtain statistics for a device

              2. Store Statistics for a period of time at vairable rates of granularity as cconfigured in the statistics retention configuration

              3. Report individual Device Avialability for a given period of time based on the statistics

              4. Report overall network device Availability