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    SolarWinds NTA 3.9 Release Candidate now available!

      We have recently reach Release Candidate (RC) phase for our next release, NTA 3.9. This release contains the following new features:
      1. CBQoS Reports
      2. CBQoS Alerts
      3. CBQoS resources can now be added to NPM Interface detail pages
      4. You can now specify the default flow direction for details pages on the NTA website
      5. Updated applications table
      6. Updated BGP Autonomous System (AS) table
      7. Matching of flows to different IP Addresses than the one being managed by NPM
      8. CBQoS resources can now be placed on NPM Interface views
      9. Several customer issue and bug fixes

      RC builds are made available to existing customers prior to the formal release. These are used to get customer feedback in production environments and are fully supported. If you are interested in participating, simply fill out this survey: