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    Percent Utilization - Line Chart save bmp with script


      Good morning, I was wondering if anyone knows how to save off the bmp generated by the orion chart.aspx page using wget or some type of script. I need to save off our bandwidth reports for the last three months but i've been unable to save the bmp image.


      The url below is all I have to work with, I know I can change the interface ID in the url but I've not been able to save the bmp file off.

      https://company.test.com/Orion/Netperfmon/Chart.aspx?SubsetColor=&RYSubsetColor=&ChartName=TotalBytes&Title=&SubTitle=&SubTitle2=&Width=640&Height=0&SampleSize=1H&Period=LAST 3 MONTHS&ShowTrend=True&FontSize=1&NetObject=I:411&ResourceID=27&NetObjectPrefix=I&Rows=&CustomPollerID=&PlotStyle=&ReturnTo=aHR0cHM6Ly9vcmlvbi53b3JrZmxvd29uZS5uZXQvT3Jpb24vTlBNL0ludGVyZmFjZURldGFpbHMuYXNweD9OZXRPYmplY3Q9STo0MTEmdmlldz1JbnRlcmZhY2VEZXRhaWxz


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!