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    authentication failure, after i changed SNMP string




      i change the SNMP strings on our devices, (security reasons).

      since then, we are getting lots of syslog messages saying "authentication failure for SNMP from x.x.xx."

      now the x.x.x.x is our solarwinds npm/ncm box and all that server does is solarwinds npm/ncm


      it's only happening on 4 6513 cisco cores

      if i unmanage the 4 devices on npm the messages stop

      so, my thinking was,  is it an old install of NTA or IPAM (both trials) that is still in the database?


      or has the change of snmp string not fully update itself  within NPM?


      any ideas would be great

       i have raised a ticket to delete all IPAM and NETFLOW from the database, but not had a response yet