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    Fortigate FortiOS MR3 Patch5: no more backups!


      Hello everybody.

      After upgrading my Fortigate units from MR3 Patch 3 to MR3 Patch 5, no more backups are being done from Kiwi Cat Tools.

      I get the error "Failed to receive '#config' line in device config file"

      Indeed, with older firmware releases, when you type "show" in the CLI, you get the first 3 or 4 (depending on the firmware version) "header lines", of which the first starts with #config-version...

      I tried this with a super_admin user as well as with an "unprivileged" (my already existing and working "backup user")... both do not show those header lines.

      Could it be that Fortinet removed that feature, so that the only way to do bulk backups is to buy and use a FortiManager?

      Any help will be appreciated.