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    playbacks stalled with no indication


      We have had multiple instances in v1 and now v1.5 where playback of a recording stops responding from one or more agents with zero notice or indication in the UI. 

      Worse, the UI by all appearances shows the transactions as up. It is not until you drill into the playback and look at the last playback that you can see it has been stopped for hours or days.


      At a bare minimum we very quickly need the ability to alert if a playback has no run in the last say 3 cycles. We were hopeful this issue would go away in v1.5 but even with upgraded playback agents it still occurs.

      Is this a known bug? Are there any logs that I can submit to help track down this issue?

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          Hello Andrew,

          do you have support case opened for this issue? If not you should definitely do so, so we can look at what is the cause of this behavior.

          Meanwhile you can try to use following Custom SQL Alert definition (for SEUM: Transaction):

          JOIN SEUM_Transactions
                              ON SEUM_TransactionsAlertsData.TransactionId = SEUM_Transactions.TransactionId
          JOIN SEUM_Agents
                              ON SEUM_Agents.AgentId = SEUM_Transactions.AgentId
          WHERE ( SEUM_TransactionsAlertsData.IsEnabled = 1
                              AND DATEPART(year,SEUM_Transactions.LastDateTimeUtc) > '1900'
                              AND DATEADD(second, (3 * SEUM_Transactions.Frequency), SEUM_Transactions.LastDateTimeUtc) < GETUTCDATE()            
                              AND SEUM_Agents.ConnectionStatus = 1

          The alert should be fired whenever the transaction didn't run for 3 cycles. You can modify the number of cycles to fit your needs.

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              Thanks Lukas that does appear to work.

              In the results I see different results.


              These are two different playbacks from the same agent, they differ in reported status.

              last played at: 2/4/2012 8:42:20 AM

              Status is: Up

              Status Description is: Up

              Transaction ID is: 61

              Is transaction enabled? True


              last played at: 2/8/2012 8:15:11 AM

              Status is: Unknown

              Status Description is: Critical

              Transaction ID is: 175

              Is transaction enabled? True