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    Enterprise-Wide Availability Total


      I've been using the "Office Average Availability" report from here: Office Average Availability - Last 30 Days


      This report has two columns- Office location and average availability (percentage).  

      It works great, but I now have a request from management to provide a single availability number for the entire enterprise at the bottom of the same report.

      Is there a way to do this?

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          Just an FYI, it looks like that template isn't a rolling 30 days but something a bit more static... Also, the Nodes listed in the WHERE clause could be causing some nodes to not be used.

          ( DateTime BETWEEN 39139 AND 39170 )
            (Nodes.Caption <> 'BJ-RT-2621-01.bakerd.com') AND 
            (Nodes.Caption <> 'BJ-FW-515-01') AND 
             NOT (Nodes.IP_Address LIKE '%63.250%'))

          WHERE should read more like this...

              DateTime BETWEEN DateAdd(d, -30, GETDATE()) AND GETDATE()