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    NTA not showing ALL realtime data



      I've noticed that when copying a file from one network to another, NTA doesn't show the file copy in real-time.  Rather, it waits until the file copy/download has complete, then shows a spike on the graph in the minute that the download completed, as though a 1 GB download completed in less than a minute across a 10Mb WAN link (normally takes around 15mins to copy if no other traffic on the link). 

      It seems that other data such as Citrix ICA/Voip connections are recorded in realtime, however I can't be 100% sure that it is accurate. 

      I've attached a PDF with some images

      Image 1: "NPM Interface Stats during file copy" is an image taken of the interface stats for the router indicating that it is downloading at 100% of the link speed (10Mbps)

      Image 2: "NTA during file copy" is an image of the Top5 protocols graph which remains at around the 2-3Mbps mark.  Given that the link is currently saturated as per image 1, I would expect this to be topping out at 10Mbps consistently... not just the 1 peak (which appears to have been another users download completing). 

      Image 3: "NTA after file copy" is an image taken 3 minutes after the file copy completes... notice the massive spike.  The reason for waiting 3 minutes also seems to be an issue where it can take 2-3 minutes for the data to come through and be reported by NTA. 

      Has anyone experience this sort of delay/non-realtime update before?