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    mapping issues in rc2


      I am having mapping issues after installing RC2 on our prod system. Previously mapped items all went to unknown so I am guessing IDs changed someplace... I went and updated our maps with the new objects, saved, and APM would crash upon attempting to load the map. Attempting to reedit the map caused the sw info service to spike in mem to 1.6+Gb and it would often crash requiring a full service restart.

      I was able to finally get in and remove the new objects so I have now lost my mapping ability.

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          Hello Andrew,
          we did change few things regarding SEUM objects and mapping (now also Steps and Locations can be on maps) but IDs of existing Transactions should remain the same. You should open a support ticket for this.

          I remember you have quite cool and complex maps so that memory spike may be related to some recent change and complexity of your maps. Someone from support should look at it.