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    Groups Import not working


      I'm working throught the documentation trying to import some groups and it is not working.  I have some groups that I have exported from our TriGeo 4.5.2 console.  I select that file for import into the LEM, click open, and the Group Details or the information never comes up.  I don't get an error or anything. 

      What am I doing wrong, or what can I do to import these exported Groups?

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          Thanks for the question. Now I have one of my own: 

          Did you upgrade your 4.5.2 SIM appliance to 5.3.1 and then migrate its settings to your LEM appliance, or do you have two functional appliances on different versions? The first option will get you what you're looking for. Trying to export and import groups between different managers on different versions won't work for several reasons:

          1. There is a fundamental difference between group files exported using the Java console (4.5.2, for example) and those exported using the AIR console (version 5 and above), so the import will always fail.
          2. Currently, the Import function only works with the same Manager from which the group was originally exported. This is OK for most customers, but it's not ideal for others. We have a feature request logged to change this functionality, but there's no indication of when it might be implemented.
          Bottom line: I'd recommend you upgrade your 4.5.2 Manager, take a backup, and then apply the backup to your LEM manager if you still can. I'm currently working on a KB article to walk customers through this process, and I'll post a link to it here as soon as it's done.
          Thanks again.

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                Is there any update on this?  We had been running the TriGeo appliance and had bought the "upgrade" to the SW LEM VM based partly on the word of the SolarWinds sales rep that exporting and importing of Groups and Rules would be easy. So far it has been anything but!  None of the groups we created will import, and I have a ticket open with SW support because NONE of the Nodes are reconnecting!

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                  nicole pauls

                  Groups not importing is unfortunately a known issue.  It will be resolved in an upcoming release.


                  Import/export of rules should be doable, though, and I'm not sure about the node connecting/reconnecting issue. If you have specific case #s I can either ping support or take a look.