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    Interface not available to remove


      We upgraded the routers at some of our locations.  The new router has the same name and IP as the old one.  The old router used an interface serial 0/0/0 as the WAN connection, the new routers use FastEthernet4.  The issue is that the routers were swapped without removing serial 0/0/0 now when I go to List resources I dont see serial 0/0/0 as an interface.  However if I look at the device it lists the interfaces on the device and the device now shows that it has serial 0/0/0 and FastEthernet4.

      What is the easiest way to get rid of the serial 0/0/0 interfaces.  This has now happened on around 100 devices.  Could I do a sql statement to select devices that have both a fastethernet4 and serial 0/0/0 and delete the interface serial 0/0/0 somehow?

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          Chrystal Taylor

          Have you tried to find it in Node Management? 

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            Chrystal's suggestion is the best way-you should just be able to go to Settings->Manage Nodes, then remove the devices this way. If they don't show up here however, you may need to remove them from the database. There's a couple ways to craft a query that could do this-depending on the specifics. 


            In a scenario like this however, it may be wiser to remove the whole node. When you run the initial discovery, you mark the device at x.x.x.x as one device. Replacing it with new hardware means that all your historical data beyond a certain period refers to completely different hardware. From a management perspective, it's messy and could require some explanation every time you report data for these devices.