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    Custom Properties for Groups


      I'd like to request the ability to add custom properties to groups.  The use case I have is as follows:

      Within my NPM implementation, one of the uses I have for groups is to provide a container for all devices within a specific location.  These groups are named in such a way to denote this function (i.e. groupname(Facility))  I have alerts that are based off groups with word "Facility" in them, so that when one of the groups that represent a physical building go down, there's an alert action.  This works fine right now.  Recently I started playing with Google maps and I ended up geocoding all my locations within my service management system.  I query my service management system for all locations and their geocodes, and then dynamically plot them on a google map.  I want to take it a step further and tie the status of the location based on these groups back to the location in my service management system.  In this manner, I can create near real-time maps of all my physical locations.

      The problem I have is that because I can't add a custom property to the groups in NPM, I can't easily tie these groups back to the location they represent.  I do have a work around I figured out whereby I can replicate the location data from my service management system to a table residing on the same database server as NPM.  I can populate the location table in the service management system with the corresponding Container ID of the group that is representative of the location.  From there, I can do a join between the Container table and this location table to show status on the google map.  While this works, it's a lot of work to go in and look at the container table and map back the container IDs.  If I could put in custom properties on a group, then I could more easily tie these together without having to get into the actual database itself to look at values.  I also think that other consumers of the NPM product that don't have service management systems with location tables could just create similar groups in their systems and with custom properties add their geocodes (latitude and longitude) of their physical sites and do all this from within NPM itself.

      Anyway, I'm sure there are other ways the collective could utilize custom properties on groups, but this is one way that it would greatly benefit me personally, so I submit the request.

      Thanks for your consideration.