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    Allow precompilation of NPM pages


      It would be fantastic if there were some built in method to compile all of the ASP.NET code. This would prevent updating from being so painful. As it stands, every time I update NPM or any other software the website operates painfully slow due to CSC.exe execution every time I load a page. There is some detail on how to fix this here:


      Case Study 2 seems to apply in this situation, otherwise CSC.exe would batch compile all of the files the first time you attempt to load the site. The website seems to operate a bit slowly anyway (though that could be my server), so the additional loading time of the dynamic compilation is pretty obnoxious.

      That information is fairly old but I am betting the issue I am describing would likely be solved in the same fashion as recommended there.

       Also, this should apply to all products that are served via a website. Modern servers have enough CPU cores that this can be done in the background immediately after installation/voiding the old cache of compiled pages.