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    Upgrading NPM, NCM and APM


      Hi, we currenty installed SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.1, APM 4.0.2 SP4, NCM 6.1, NPM 10.1.3, NTA 3.8.0.  I am not able to find any upgrade documentation for upgrading NPM, NCM and APM to the latest version.  Could someone share the best practice, step by step upgrade squesnes and steps for each upgrade.  I've heard the the new upgrades may combine NPM and NCM databases (currently, they have separate databases).  Also, I've heard the upgrade will give me a choice to sync the NPM and NCM (option).  We have unlimited NPM while NCM is only 1000 nodes.  Currently we only have Cisco devices in NCM.  Will the upgrade update the NCM database with everything in NPM?  We only have production licensing and at this point no chance to purchase more licenses for testing.  I appreciate any helpfull feedbacks and responses.

      P.S. please do not refer me to Admin guide since they are only talking about installation and not upgrade process