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    How can I create a widget with IOPS per LUN?


      In order to see the VMs that are using the most IOPS on a datastore (and thereby creating latency for the other VMs), it would be nice to have a widget that shows the IOPS per LUN for a VM.

      Currently, I can see this data by looking at the IOPS per VM widget, adding the VMs to a chart, then viewing the component values.  However, I can't find the attributes needed to build this into a query for a widget.  Is this possible?

      See the screenshot for an example of the data I'm trying to get.  Note: the Cluster datastore is there for reference; it's just the IOPS per LUN I want in a widget.




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          So you want to take a specific VM and get a widget of IOPs per LUN?


          Do you have a one to one mapping between LUNs and datastores?  i.e. would a widget showing a specific VM with IOPs per datastore work for you?



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              Hi Jon,

              That's close; only I'm not looking for a widget for a specific VM, but one that looks at each LUN usage for each VM and shows me the top-N highest IOPs. 

              The back story here is that I am working on rebalancing our main storage SAN and as I move VMs around between datastores, I can see the changes in datastore IOPs and I see hotspots forming on a couple datastores. 

              I need to be able to see which VMs are using IOPs on these datastores.  Normally, the Top-N IOPS per VM would work well for this.  However, some of our VMs have RDM devices on FC drives (our datastores are SATA) and generate a lot of sustained IOPs.  This data is included in the current widget, masking the usage of IOPs on the datastores.

              In the chart in my first post, the example is that datastore 7 had a peak in IOPS (green line), and that I can dig and see it was caused by the "Cajun" VM and not the "Okra" VM.  HTH.

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                  OK - one thing you could do is to create a "Top N" widget for each datastore you want to look at i.e. a top N widget for each datastore of interest that shows a list of VMs ranked by IOPs using that datastore

                  If you look on the "storage" dashboard - there is a widget called "VM IOPs Hour" which is a good starting point

                  You could modify the top N query to be something like below or create your own something like

                  vm.datastore.name:netapp_fas960_Vol02 AND vm.powerstate:poweredOn AND vm.iops.latest:([0 TO *] -0)

                  This will show all the (powered ON) VMs on the datastore with a given name (netapp_fas960_Vol02 in this case) sorted by the latest recorded IOPs value (excluding 0)

                  So if you use a query like this in the top N widget - you should be able to create a widget like this for each datastore of interest.

                  Let me know if this works for you.