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    Monthly Availability Report only for devices < 100%


      Sorry for the double post - I originally posted this in the NPM section by accident. I've edited the old post to point here in case anyone reads it there.


      I'm trying to create an availability report for Last Month that only  shows nodes that have not had 100% availability. I've tried  editing/making a few reports but have not had much luck and I found  similar problems on these forums but nothing that helped.

      Using the Availability - Last Month report, it uses the Historical  Response Time and Availability -> Availability field which shows me  every node and its availability and I have it sorted from lowest to  highest Availability.

      1. Node A  99.36%
      2. Node B  99.82%
      3. etc
      4. Node X 100.00%

      If I try and filter to only show nodes that have < 100% availability all the nodes show 0.00% availability:

      1. Node A  0.00%
      2. Node B  0.00%
      3. etc
      4. Node X 0.00%

      If I use the Daily Node Availability - Last Month report, I get  different figures (report uses the field Daily Node Availability ->  Availability):

      1. Node A  99.04%
      2. Node B  99.65%
      3. etc
      4. Node X 100.00%

      If I apply a filter to the above report, "Availability is less than 100", I get different figures again:

      1. Node A  97.17%
      2. Node B  97.43%

      What report is the most accurate and how can I make it only show me the devices that have not had 100% uptime?

      Additionally, is there a report that can show the MTBF of a node or should I create a new topic to discuss that?