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    Polling Rate Calculation for NPM


      Now that we have moved up to Orion NPM 10.2.1, we are seeing some new alerts pop up with regard to the performance of our Orion NPM server.  The http://SEVERNAME/Orion/Admin/Details/Engines.aspx  page is showing that we are reaching 75% Polling Rate and getting all the way up to 100% and then adjusting some values.  This concerns us because we look at the performance of the machine and it looks fine.  We also are not oversubscribing the server from what we can tell (not from the application or hardware resources).  Can somebody provide a deep explanation of what this value is reporting and what exactly it is doing please?  I have read through this:  http://knowledgebase.solarwinds.com/kb/questions/3227/Poller+Status+Warning%3A+A+poller+is+either+approaching+or+in+excess+of+its+polling+rate+limit.  I'd like to know if you can share the calculation that is being performed?  Is this still based on a 1000 element per minute max capacity of a polling engine that was stated prior to the release of NPM 10.2?

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          You should not be concerned.

          The new 10.2.x behavior is independant from your hardware but is based on a maximum workload per polling engine, equivalent to about 10,000 elements managed at default polling rate.

          When a polling engine approaches this value, you have the banner warning message and when you try to exceed this, your polling frequency is actually tuned down in order to stay below the recommended maximum.

          More here and here.