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    Have you tried Engineer's Toolset and/or LANSurveyor in the past 6 months?--If so we'd like to talk to you!

    Kellie Mecham

      Hi SolarWinds users,

      we're very interested in having short interviews with people who have tried either Engineeer's Toolset or LANSurveyor in the past 6 months, whether you bought it or not.  We're trying to understand more about what user goals are when downloading the products and also, what we can do to to best improve the user experience.

      If you've evaluated the product in the last 6 months or so and are interested in giving feedback about your experience, we want to hear from you.  In exchange for participating in a 45-minute phone interview using GoToMeeting, we'll be providing Amazon gift cards.

      Email me directly at kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com for more information and please, feel free to pass along the message and my contact information to others in your network!


      Kellie Mecham, Lead UX Researcher