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    Cisco WLC 4402 wont backup


      When trying to backup the config from a Cisco WLC 4402 i get the following message: Did not recive the excpected responce from command: show running-config. If i telnet to the deivce and run show running-config i get the following which i belive is the problem: Notice: "show running-config" has been changed to be an alias to "show run-config".
      Use "show run-config commands" to display the configuration commands. Is there an updated script or can i change the script to do a sho run-config?


      Thanks in advanced for the help!!

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          Steve Welsh

          Hi rburney.

          The Cisco.Wireless.LAN device type in CatTools should be trying both of those commands for the 'Device.Backup.Running Config' activity, so if  'show running-config' isn't supported, then CatTools will automatically try show run-config' straight after.


          However, a number of customers have said that the data which comes back from using these commands is not the FULL device configuration.  There is also issues on some devices where they hang during the sending of the command output back to the terminal window.

          Therefore, I would strongly recommend you try the Device.Backup.TFTP activity instead.  I believe the output is in clear text (not binary like some devices) so the 'diff/compare' feature should still work.

          In the Optiosn tab of this activity, enter the text config into the File to write to TFTP server field.