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    User Login Information Missing



      I am testing the UDT I ahev currently installed the latest version UDT 2.0.0.

      Everything seems to be working fine, I added some switches, teh Domain Controllers and theirs credentials (Domain Admin) all the test buttons show succeful test, I am getting the devices, etc etc etc. but still not getting the user login and I know that the users are login in and login out.

      I tested adding devices to the watch list, and I know that the device was turned off during the night and turned on in the morning becuase the aler appears on the web console, I know that the machine is still active as it appears in the watch list but the tool is still not showing the user login information

      I also tested with machines or devices that are not in the watch list I already have more than 433 devices discovered that the tool show the switch port, etc but still no user login information is shows.

      I added the Domain Controllers to NPM but I am not moniroing them using snmp but WMI instead. I follow all the steps suggested in the UDT manual...

      What I am doing wrong???


      Thansk for any help

      Jorge De Vega