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    Wireless SSID Report


      I've tried creating a report that dispalys the number of clients per SSID, I presume it can be done as it shows which SSID a client is connected to but I've been unable to get the report to display anything.

      Has anyone created a report that displays the total no. of clients per SSID or can anyone give me some help in creating it?



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          I was able to create a report, but I cannot choose the timeframe for this report.  I can only create it as an 'inventory' report.  I would like to have it by SSID, and choose a specific timeframe (monthly, custom, yearly, etc..).


          No luck, and seems that there are no reports in the forum doing it either.


          John L.

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            Look into NPM_NV_WL_CLIENTS_V


            That table contains the data for each client and has things like Client_SSID and Client_MAC to help create your table. Restrict LastUpdate to specify the timeframe.


            Note that I'm not sure how accurate NPM_NV_WL_CLIENTS_V is as historic data. NPM_NV_WL_REPORT_CLIENTS_V contains the throughput at each interval which it is polled (default 10 min) and has many more client names/macs (it does not have however, the SSID and other info that the other table has).

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              I just shared a report on Content exchange that might help you.  Look for this in content exchange.


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                I am trying following query but getting error.


                SELECT  TOP 10000 Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((DateTime) as Float)),0) AS SummaryDate,

                NPM_NV_WL_REPORT_APS_V.AP_Name AS Name,

                NPM_NV_WL_REPORT_APS_V.Controller AS Controller,

                NPM_NV_WL_Clients_V.SSID AS SSID,

                Nodes.VendorIcon AS Vendor_Icon,

                Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID,

                NPM_NV_WL_REPORT_APS_V.IPAddress AS IP_Address,

                AVG(NPM_NV_WL_REPORT_APS_V.ClientsCount) AS AVERAGE_of_Avg_Clients_Count,

                MAX(NPM_NV_WL_REPORT_APS_V.ClientsCount_MAX) AS MAX_of_Max_Clients_Count,

                NPM_NV_WL_APS_V.RecordID AS RecordID




                INNER JOIN NPM_NV_WL_APS_V ON


                INNER JOIN NPM_NV_WL_Clients_V ON

                (NPM_NV_WL_Clients_V.SSID AS SSID)

                INNER JOIN Nodes ON (NPM_NV_WL_APS_V.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID)



                ( DateTime BETWEEN 39901 AND 39908.9583333333 )


                GROUP BY Convert(DateTime,Floor(Cast((DateTime) as Float)),0),

                NPM_NV_WL_REPORT_APS_V.AP_Name, NPM_NV_WL_REPORT_APS_V.Controller, Nodes.VendorIcon, Nodes.NodeID, NPM_NV_WL_REPORT_APS_V.IPAddress, NPM_NV_WL_APS_V.RecordID, NPM_NV_WL_Clients_V.SSID AS SSID


                ORDER BY SummaryDate ASC


                Any clue on this?


                Best Regards,