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    Custom report


      I am currently able to produce a group report, filtered to list only specific groups and associated members from NPM. Separately I am also able to display an sql report of cisco devices and their chassis id's. I would like to be able to create a single report combining the two. Namely, a single group with a list of cisco devices and their associated chassis id's and if possible part numbers (I have a further separate report for part numbers using the CustomPollers.UniqueName = 'entPhysicalModelName' UnDP).

      I'm not really sql savvy but I've managed to cobble the existing custom ones I have from other members posts etc. Its just that I dont know how to refer to NPM 'Groups' using sql.

      Why can't it just be..

      select this 'Group' with this 'chassisid' and this 'part number' and display it 'here'..

      or better still why can't these be standard reports because the predefined group reports are not very customisable really..