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    What We're Working On


      Following the release of Patch Manager v1.8 last week, we now move on to the next set of features to help meet your patch management needs.  Below are some of the features we're working on:

      • Support for installation of Patch Manager database on SQL Server 2012.
      • Support for installation of Patch Manager server on Windows Server 2012.
      • Support for installation of Patch Manager console on Windows 8.
      • Support for managing WSUS-on-Win2012 installations. (Some of this functionality will be provided by Microsoft WSUS update KB2734608 and will be available to existing Patch Manager v1.8 installations.)


      PLEASE NOTE:  We are working on these items based on this priority order, but this is NOT a commitment that all of these enhancements will make the next release.  We are working on a number of other smaller features in parallel. If you have comments or questions on any of these items (e.g. how would it work?) or would like to be included in a preview demo, please let us know!


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          We are currently a licensed EminentWare customer, as well as a licensed Orion customer.  Will we be eligible for a free integration of the two products into a single dashboard as part of being an established customer?

          Are there already some cross capability features available?

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            Where can we find a list of the features in current development? I think you might benefit from your customers input on our level of importance on those features and maybe a few suggestions of features we would like being developed. How can we help?

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                Lawrence Garvin

                Greetings Pedro.

                We do not provide specific identification of features in current development,  aside from the above identification of what we are generally working on. However, if you have suggestions for features to be added to the product, by all means, let us know about those, as we're definitely interested in your thoughts about product improvements.

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                please please please add Centos and redhat EL scanning and patching..  like ManageEngine Security Manager...

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                  is ANY business installing windows 8? LMAO


                  Microsoft Windows 8 = Fail

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                      Lawrence Garvin

                      None that I've heard of, Michael.

                      In fact (and here's perhaps the most scary part) .. I can count on one hand (actually two fingers) the number of Windows 8 RT tablets I've seen outside of stores and trade shows, and I don't know anybody, personally, who has actually installed a Windows 8 Operating System. I saw one RT tablet the week after they went on sale, and that user implied it was mostly a toy, and would not replace his notebook in the near future. The other one was over the holidays when I discovered my brother bought one. (And never even turned it on all of Chrismas Day!)


                      What I think will be the ultimate tug-of-war here is whether:

                      [a] Organizations install some token Windows 8 system so they can remotely manage Windows Server 2012 systems, or

                      [b] Organizations avoid installing Windows Server 2012 because they don't want to have to use Windows 8 to remotely manage them.




                      How many desktop instances of Windows Server 2012 come into existence solely for remote administration of other Windows Server 2012 instances. (Which is probably what I will do.)


                      In any event, I do know of a number of organizations that are installing Windows Server 2012 to get to Hyper-V v3, and in some cases, they also installed WSUS v6 (on Win2012) so they could patch those machines (all before the availability of KB2734608 for WSUS v3). These days, though, my inclination is that most organizations will continue to patch their Win2012 systems with WSUS v3 (on Win2008R2/Win2003), and avoid both WSUS v6 and Windows 8 as much as possible.


                      I'm watching this development with Eagle Eyes

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                      Andrew M

                      Now that the RC has been published are there any preliminary release notes available for the update? Can you disclose what has been fixed and what new features have been added?

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                          Lawrence Garvin

                          Generally speaking, Andrew, the Release Notes are published concurrently with the General Availability of the release. We typically send an announcement to customers via email, and Patch Manager has a Notifications capability that will let you know when the release is available for download. The existing "Release Notes" link in the documentation page will be updated concurrently.