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    Shutting down Rediscovery


      We have many Cisco Devices and after the latest upgrade we are seeing many that have maxed CPU during the Rediscovery process.

      What is the value of rediscovery and what would be the ramifications of shutting it down and,  CAN I shut it down, so we wont run Rediscovery every XXXX min.

      Regarding the Max CPU; turning off the topology layer 2 and layer 3 may help.. (sort of like saying you can have a bike but not ride it)

      but what will be the issue if we shut down the rediscovery for the whole network?

      **less traffic** ??

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          We have the same issue on our Cisco devices since the upgrade to NPM 10.2.1

          The redicovery of interfaces was set to 60 minutes, this has been changed to 1440 minutes (once a day). I don't know if you can shut this down.

          Did you shut down the topology layer 2 and 3 off only on your Cisco devices, or on all devices. I noticed that on all existing devices this has been activated by default. So the issue could be caused by this setting?