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    solarwinds toolset V10 network monitor



      We are using Solarwinds Tool set Version 10.0 to monitor the nodes. We are using ICMP to check the connectivity.

      configured the event notification for node up and down.

      What we observed is that if we are not logged in to this this server and even if the node goes down this event is not reported/collected in the event log and there is no e-mail notification.

      If we are logged on to this server on which this monitoring program is running then it generates the event and send and e-mail.

      When you log off the server it keeps on pinging the nodes but events are not collected.

      Is there any way to keep the e-mail coming even if we are not logged on to the server.

      Not sure why this is taking place.

      Oour SNMP polling program runs like a service and sends e-mail notifications even user - administrator is not logged in to the server.

      Can we keep this program running even id the user is not logged on to server and it will keep sending e-mails of event notification?

      Please share the experience

      Thanks in advance