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    30 minute average of Response Time


      I'm having some difficulty putting together a query that will pull down 30 minute average response times for each of my nodes. I would like the average to be calculated as a moving average. The window size for the moving average would be 5 minutes.

      The problem I'm running into is the ResponseTime.DateTime column. NPM stores the response time datetime column as the day, hour, minute and second NPM got the response back. I don't know how to count time up to 5 minutes and average those records, and then for all of the 5 min avgs I have, average them up to 30 minute intervals. And then spit them into a report.

      My polling interval is set to 60 seconds, so I have a record of response time every minute (except for the first month of my data when I had it set to 120 seconds).


      The pseudo code would be something like:

      foreach node {

        select responseTime.dateTime as DateTime

        select responseTime.NodeID

        select responseTime.AvgResponseTime

          for every 5 minutes of records selected {

            FiveMinAvg = avg(responseTime.AvgResponseTime)

              for every 30 minutes of records selected {

                ThirtyMinRolling = avg(x)




      <do some time operation to spit the DateTime column into 30 minute intervals>

      group stuff


      Any report wizards have suggestions? Thanks for you time.


      EDIT: I don't need a moving average. I just need the 30 minute average. I realized it doesn't change much in terms of smoothing.