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    WAN connectivity gauge?


      I have Orion and I'm struggling to understand how to best determine what is happening between 2 of my production facilities... Both facilities have Cisco ASA5510's a simple site to site VPN between them.  Both sites are monitored by my Orion NPM and Netflow server.

      I have a 30Mbps fiber handoff from TWCable in California and a 3Mbps bonded pair of T1's in Virginia.  I have an automated process that day in and day out copies data from California to Virginia (24/7/365).

      Over the last several days the speed at which i can copy data has become widely inconsistent.  Copy jobs minutes apart can range in transfer rates from 150Kbps to over 2800Kbps.

      I selected the external interface on the Cisco ASA5510 in Virginia but don't understand what i'm seeing... While monitoring several hundred megabytes of file copies I only see a portion in the "Top 5 Conversations" report and the utilization graph for the External Interface of the Firewall is off somehow...