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    not monitor the extreme switch


      Hi Team,

      i have a extreme switch (Summit400-48t), and image on switch is Extremeware  Version 7.8e.3.5, and oid is

      I am using the solarwind v9 for snmp trap, but i am not able to monitor the switch.

      I am configuring snmpv3 on switch, please help me what change need to required.

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          Do you have SNMPv3 configured on the switch?

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            To set up SNMPv3 on your device you will need to setup Views, Groups, and Users.

            Views define what MIBs are available.

            Groups determine what MIBs can be read or written to, in a given context.

            Users are assigned to groups and determine the username and authentication & encryption parameters.

            On your device:

            //define your view: we'll use testview that can see everything in mib-2

            snmp-server view testview mib-2 included

            //Now create a group that uses the new view for read/write for SNMPv3

            snmp-server group testgroup v3 priv context testcontext read testview write testview

            //And create the user with md5 authentication and des encryption

            snmp-server user test testgroup v3 auth md5 testauthpassword priv des testencpassword

            Now your device should be configured with SNMPv3 credential. To map that to the application fields the above information would be setup in the application as follows:

            Credential Name: Test credential




            password=testauthpassword 'password is a key' is not checked.

            Enccryption=testencpassword 'password is a key' is not checked.

            It was unclear to me exactly which product this was for so I hope this helps you.