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    Issue with IPAM and multiple DHCP servers


      I have already opened a ticket with Support on this one. They are doing a great job doing what they can I think they might be stuck on this one, so I am reaching out to the all-knowing Thwack. The problem is that a subnet that has 2 DHCP servers hand out IP addresses it seems to only recognize one or the other. For example, /24 will have the range .30 through .254 dynamically assigned. The range .30 through .100 will be assigned by DHCP server A and .101 through .254 will come from DHCP server B. The results in IPAM will show the range for DHCP server A or B. Everything else shows the type will be static not dynamic.

      Couple of important points to mention though. My predecessor did enter duplicate subnets manually after importing them from a discovery. I'm not clear on the reason why. What I did for troubleshooting was take a single subnet and delete it including the duplicates then re-add it. The best results I have gotten is that now the subnet shows everything is assigned statically. I did test the credentials and the scan goes through. However, it is like the data just isn't populating in IPAM. I suspect the problem comes from having multiple duplicate subnets in the database.

      Also before anyone asks, I did change the wall paper on the Orion server to Chuck Norris making a very angry face........It didn't work.