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    NPM Syslog problem



      I´m trying receive syslog data from a router using NPM Syslog, but I´m not receiving any data from this router 

      in syslog, only snmp packets ( i´m using wireshark to detect incoming data in NPM´s server).

      I installed kiwi syslog in another server, and I´m able to receive syslog from this router in kiwi.

      What i´m doing wrong ?



        • Re: NPM Syslog problem

          so in wireshark, you don't see any UDP 514 packets?  If that's the case, there is an access list somewhere upstream (or maybe the windows firewall on the orion server). 

          If you are seeing packets, run (netstat -ano | find ":514") and make sure that PID is the right syslog service.