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    TFTP issues with Windows 7 64bit Professional


      I am using a Windows 7 64 bit professional OS and using puttytel 0.62 and Solarwinds TFTP

      When I try to put a new file to flash using "copy tftp flash" the tftp server picks up the command and starts the copy from the laptop to the switch, then it trys again, 5 more times and then fails.

      First I do not understand why it attempting 6 times before it fails.

      Second the error I am getting is a time out, but if I use process monitor it shows the file is in use by the tftp server.

      When I try to get a file from flash, it writes the file to the tftp root but does not move the contents, only creates the file. then it fails in the same manner, 6 attempts,  6 failures all claiming time out, but really the file is in use.

      I do not believe this is a putty or tftp problem but I have turned every option in windows 7 that I can find (firewalls, symantec etc)that i think might be causing this. I have seen this in other threads however my issue seems to have a different root cause.

      Any thoughts?

      Thanks - Jim