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    When Verifying an Answer...



      We would like to explain how the Suggest/Verify Answer actions should be used.  Members of the community are encouraged to use the "Verify Answer" action when they’ve been helped by a post.  We ask that the following guidelines be considered when using these actions:

      • Please refrain from using the "Verify Answer" action on your own posts.  This action is to be used specifically by people who have verified that your post solved the issue at hand.
      • Please do not rate your own posts.
      • You as the poster, or thread participant, can "Suggest" your own post.  This is perfectly fine so long as the post is helpful or you believe it will help resolve the specific problem.

      We strive for this community to be an excellent resource for our users and want these forums to be remain as helpful as possible.


      Thank you,
      Community Team