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    Find listing of powered off vms


      I have multiple vcenters and am trying to find a report or listing in Storage Manager that will list all the powered off VMs. In the virtualization section it will tell me how many VMs are running and how many exist, but I am looking for the VM names of the powered off VMs.

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          Garrett Gross

          It doesnt look like we have a "Quick Report" that only shows VMs in certain power states but, to get this data, you have a couple of options:

          You can run the "Virtual Machines Stats" (Quick Reports > VMware VC) report and sort by "Guest State" so that the machines that are "notRunning" are towards the top

          Create a "My Report" based off of the "Virtual Machines Stats" report and add a filter to only show VMs with a Guest State of "notRunning" (AND 'Guest State' LIKE 'notRunning').  When you run that, the only results displayed should be VMs that are not running.

          Hope that helps.