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    Monitor and Alert on R/O Filesystems


      Our unix team has recently had a problem with local filesystems getting mounted as R/O. The only solution they have at this time is to reboot the node. They know what the problem is and are implementing a solution.

      They have asked me for alerts when a filesystem is mounted R/O.

      I created a custom table poller based on the hrFsAccess mib entries and can alert when a the following conditions exist

      • Custom poller name = hrFSAccess
      • Custom poller status != 1

      This is a node based poller.

      The problem is I cannot write an alert based on the custom poller, the node and the volume to generate an informative alert like the following:

      "Filesystem xxxx on node nnnn.example.com is mounted R/O"

      I also need to qualify the alert condition to exclude some types of filesystems (no nfs, no mem, etc).

      I'm stumped.