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    Monitoring BGP Updates



      Is there a way to monitor BGP Updates on NPM. I would like to monitor the following :

      - List of prefixes that are not reachable anymore

      - List of prefixes that are reachable 

      -AS_PATH, list of AS-es to cross to reach those prefixes

      - BGP Route changes


      Thank you.

        • Re: Monitoring BGP Updates

          Speaking for Cisco routers: there is a CISCO_BGP4-MIB:cbgpRouteTable object in the MIB, but any attempts to query it with a NPM universal device poller result in "OID not supported". It is a SNMP "sequence" datatype, and I don't know whether NPM supports those. In any case, I would be more than a little worried CPU utilization on the router when repeatedly polling something as large as an Internet BGP table.

          I think if I really wanted to do a project like this I would look at setting up a Linux route server outside the forwarding path using one of the open-source BGP daemons and write some code to talk to it directly.