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    Orion graphs



      I am seeing gaps in my WAN interface utilisation graph. We have 5741 network elements (856 nodes, 4878 interfaces and 7 volumes) spread over two polling engines. So far we are only polling 1 WAN interface at 1 minute poll all other elements are polled at their default interval. The gaps aren't huge but would like to eliminate them altogther. We would utilimately like to graph all our WAN interfaces (approximately 20 interfaces in total) at 1minute interval.

      Polling completion rate for both pollers is above 99.6% and polls per second tuning is per recommendation. What else can I do?



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          Andy McBride

          The graphing engine will only place a point when it has data for that period. Occasionally an SNMP reply may lag and so go into the next minute's window. I believe this is what you are seeing. Try a 30 sec polling period and this should go away. While this may fix the issue, rapid polling of WAN interface is not necessary. WAN circuits should peak near or at 100 % and recover quickly. They do this with very little impact on applications or response times. WAN circuits are a problem when the hover at 90%+ for several minutes or worse peg at 100% and don't recover. A 5 minute polling period is typically plenty rapid.

          Just my dos centavos. ;)

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